Bibliography on Spirituality, Medicine, and Health

The Spirituality, Medicine, and Health Bibliography contains a detailed bibliography of books and articles in a wide range of specialties under the general area of spirituality, medicine, and health. Information is current as of January 1, 2012. See the bibliography here.

Bibliography on Religious and Spiritual Experiences

This bibliography contains important representatives from most aspects of the entire field of the academic study of religious and spiritual experiences. It is far from complete, as a result, and slightly uneven. But it is extremely useful nonetheless. See the bibliography here.

Bibliography on the Scientific Study of the Left-Right Ideological Spectrum in Politics, Religion, and Morality

This bibliography contains important resources from a wide variety of disciplines that have something to offer to the scientific study of the left-right ideological spectrum in politics, religion, and morality. It is not complete but it is extremely useful nonetheless.