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NYT > Technology

NYT > Technology
  1. Bits Blog: Lytro Goes After Prosumer Photographers With New Camera
    The new Lytro Illum camera offers photographers a range of new features, while still allowing them to refocus a photo after the fact

  2. Justices Skeptical of Aereo’s Business
    Television broadcasters are challenging Aereo, an Internet start-up that uses arrays of small antennas to stream over-the-air signals to subscribers.

  3. A Million New Wireless Subscriptions Lift AT&T Revenue, but Profit Is Flat
    The telecommunications company’s first-quarter earnings were flat compared with the previous year, but its revenue grew 4 percent, to $32.5 billion.

  4. New York’s Case Against Airbnb Is Argued in Albany
    Little ground was given in an Albany court by New York regulators or by Airbnb, the apartment sharing service that is fighting a state subpoena.

  5. Advertising: With a Mouthful, A&W Hopes to Draw Baby Boomers’ Offspring
    The restaurant chain, which peaked in the 1960s and ’70s, hopes a campaign that includes a 304-character hashtag will attract the younger generation.

  6. The Media Equation: At Stake in the Aereo Case Is How We Watch TV
    The case has a little bit of everything, including the first big test at the Supreme Court of who owns and has rights to things stored in the cloud.

  7. Video Games: Reviews: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Monument Valley
    New releases include a portion of the next chapter in the Metal Gear Solid series; a FarmVille 2 with the mobile gamer in mind; and a premium perceptual puzzle game.
  8. Bits Blog: Focus Turns to Samsung’s Patents at Trial
    On Monday, Samsung said Apple had copied some technology — including a method for transmitting video over wireless devices.

  9. Bits Blog: Americans Predict a Future Like Science Fiction
    Who wouldn’t want to travel through time? According to a recent survey, Americans are hopeful that they will be able to do that, and enjoy many other technological advances.

  10. DealBook: Chernin Teams With AT&T in Online Video Investment Venture
    Peter Chernin, the former News Corporation president, has joined with AT&T to commit more than $500 million to a new investment vehicle focused on online video.

  11. Bits Blog: GitHub Founder Resigns After Investigation
    The company said the investigation, into gender-based harassment, found no evidence of illegal practices.

  12. DealBook: For Square, Making Money Remains a Challenge
    Companies already collect payments when a customer swipes a credit card. The question, analysts say, is how a start-up like Square can make itself into more than just another middleman.

  13. Bits Blog: InBloom Student Data Repository to Close
    The student data warehousing venture that became a lightning rod for some parents’ data privacy and security concerns, announced it would close.

  14. It’s the Economy: If a Bubble Bursts in Palo Alto, Does It Make a Sound?
    Silicon Valley’s isolation from the rest of the economy guarantees it can’t hurt us (or help us) much.
  15. Companies Built on Sharing Balk When It Comes to Regulators
    In the sharing economy, safety issues, taxes and regulation have tended to be an afterthought. But now, regulators and officials are questioning the practices of start-ups like Airbnb and Uber.

  16. Netflix Says It Opposes Comcast’s Merger Bid
    It was the clearest statement on the merger from Netflix, nearly two months after it agreed to pay Comcast for a more direct connection to the cable operator’s Internet backbone.
  17. Drones Are Becoming Energy’s New Roustabouts
    Drones are now being used to monitor power lines, inspect oil and gas pipelines, check wind turbines for defects and pinpoint malfunctioning solar panels.
  18. Netflix to Raise Prices as Streaming Business Grows
    The company, in a letter to shareholders, said it would impose “a one or two dollar increase” for some new customers later this quarter.

  19. Europe Remains Ahead of U.S. in Creating Smart Cities
    Despite being hard hit by the financial crisis, European cities remain ahead of their counterparts in the United States in adopting new technology aimed at improving services.
  20. Disruptions: Friends, and Influence, for Sale Online
    By using social media bots, celebrities, politicians and others can falsely inflate the number of friends and followers they have, possibly swaying public opinion about a new song — or a policy position.

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