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NYT > Technology

NYT > Technology
  1. The Art of ‘Something From Nothing’
    By producing and investing in a series of successful start-ups like Expedia, Zillow and Glassdoor, Richard Barton has managed to accomplish something few others have done.

  2. Yahoo Profit Is a Footnote to Alibaba’s Huge Gains
    Yahoo’s shareholders are far more excited about what the company owns — namely, 24 percent of Alibaba — than anything the company runs.

  3. Intel’s Profit Slips, but Investors Are Still Turning Toward Tech’s Staid Stalwarts
    With PC sales falling, the semiconductor maker reported a drop in year-over-year quarterly earnings, to $1.95 billion.

  4. DealBook: In Yahoo Earnings, a Peek at Alibaba’s Big Growth Ahead of Its I.P.O.
    Yahoo’s latest quarterly report showed that its Chinese partner, the online commerce giant Alibaba, more than doubled its profit in the fourth quarter, to $1.4 billion.

  5. Bits Blog: M.I.T.’s Alex Pentland: Measuring Idea Flows to Accelerate Innovation
    A computational social scientist says data, sensors and smartphones are opening the door to what he calls “social physics.”

  6. Bits Blog: Facebook Forces Users to Install Separate Messaging App
    The company is removing messaging from its smartphone app, requiring users to install a separate app — a move Facebook says will improve user experience.

  7. Bits Blog: Twitter Acquires Gnip, Bringing a Valuable Data Service In-House
    The deal for the real-time data company is an indication that Twitter wants to play a bigger role in delivering information about its users to potential sponsors.

  8. Bits Blog: Samsung Executive Says Marketing Drove Phone Sales to No. 1
    Todd Pendleton, the chief marketing officer for Samsung’s American division, said that Samsung had a better phone than Apple before he arrived, people just didn’t know about it.

  9. Bits Blog: With Purchase of Drone Maker, Google Sees a Fleet of Satellites
    Following in Facebook’s footsteps, Google said Monday that it had purchased Titan Aerospace, the maker of high-altitude drone satellites, which will be used to take photos of the earth and to connect people to the Internet.

  10. DealBook: Motorola Solutions to Sell Enterprise Business for $3.5 Billion
    Zebra Technologies, whose products help companies to track items in the supply chain, will buy much of a Motorola Solutions unit that manufacturers everything from bar-code scanners to radio frequency technologies.

  11. Bits Blog: Storefront, Airbnb for Retail Spaces, Raises $7.3 Million
    Storefront enables people to quickly set up a retail location to sell anything and everything.

  12. Bits Blog: Mozilla Names Interim Chief
    Mozilla, the maker of the popular Firefox web browser, announced Monday that it had appointed Chris Beard the interim chief executive of the company.

  13. Bits Blog: Twitter’s Biggest Shareholders Say They Won’t Sell Stock
    Top officers and directors of the social network, as well as its largest outside shareholder, say they will hang on to their shares when they get their first chance to sell in May.

  14. Bits Blog: Huge New York Development Project Becomes a Data Science Lab
    The developers of the Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side are forming a partnership with the researchers at N.Y.U.’s Center for Urban Science and Progress to create a “quantified community” that uses data science to study and improve the urban environment.
  15. Disruptions: Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tomorrow
    The material has the potential to change the electronics industry, and recently researchers have focused on how to produce it commercially.

  16. Q&A: Adding a Religious Holidays Calendar
    Plus, how to make a limited account in Windows XP.

  17. Bits Blog: Fast Home Wireless: A Content Weapon?
    Broadcom, a semiconductor maker, announced a new kind of home router that will zip information around the house at about twice what a current, high-end home device can do.
  18. Business Briefing: Google Revises Terms of Its Scans of Gmail
    The revisions more explicitly detail the manner in which Google software scans users’ emails, an unpopular practice that has been at the heart of litigation.
  19. Video Game Review: FTL: Faster Than Light by Subset Games
    The video game FTL: Faster Than Light explores the newish frontier of permadeath.
  20. Etsy, Home of the Handmade, Takes On a Wholesaler’s Role
    The company, known for its small-scale artisans and handmade goods, will help some sellers get bigger, and take a commission.
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