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New York Times Technology News

  1. Bits Blog: In Tests, Yahoo Uses Google to Power Search Results and Ads
    Yahoo is turning to the world’s dominant provider of web searches to power some of its own search results. The tests could lead to a deeper relationship between the two companies, whose previous efforts to cooperate on search were blocked by antitrust regulators.

  2. PayPal Acquires Xoom for Stake in Digital Money Transfers
    PayPal, the online payments company weeks away from an expected spinoff from eBay, will end up paying about $890 million for Xoom.

  3. Google App Mislabels Black People as ‘Gorillas’
    The search giant apologized and rushed to fix its Google Photos after the service mistakenly labeled photos of black people as “gorillas.”

  4. Gadgetwise: The Difference Between Listening Up and Tuning Out
    Finding the right earphones can significantly affect audio quality and user comfort, and they can be a better investment than cheap drugstore earbuds.

  5. Bits Blog: Google Photos Mistakenly Labels Black People ‘Gorillas’
    Google apologized after a user posted a photo on Twitter showing that the Google Photos app had labeled black people as “gorillas.”

  6. appraisal: Apple Music Is Strong on Design, Weak on Social Networking
    The service brags that its playlists are curated by people not algorithms; on the other hand, its social network app needs retooling.

  7. App Smart: One Last Ingredient for a Well-Stocked Bar
    How to mix drinks, with apps serving as the bartender’s guide to a spirited cocktail party.

  8. State of the Art: As More Tech Start-Ups Stay Private, So Does the Money
    Fledgling companies are increasingly delaying initial public offerings of stock, which can keep the risks — and rewards — limited to venture capitalists and hedge funds.

  9. Zozi Raises $30 Million in Financing
    With the new capital, the start-up will continue its quest to become, in its words, the OpenTable of the travel industry.

  10. Deal Professor: A Venture Capital Giant Says: Bubble? What Bubble?
    Andreessen Horowitz says there is cause for concern at the rapid increase in tech start-ups with high values, but the recent exuberance in Silicon Valley differs from that of the dot-com era.

  11. Uber Says Proposed Freeze on Licenses in New York City Would Limit Competition
    Legislation proposed by the City Council’s transportation committee would freeze the issuing of for-hire vehicle licenses while a traffic-congestion study was being conducted.

  12. Bits Blog: The Sharing Economy Visits the Backcountry
    A company called Hipcamp now offers “land sharing,” a sharing economy term for campsites on private land.

  13. Bits Blog: Zuckerberg Takes Questions in Facebook Session Marred by Tech Troubles
    Facebook’s chief responded to ordinary users and celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger about the nature of happiness and the future of social media, but the session went offline for several minutes.

  14. Bits Blog: Facebook Wins a Round in Austrian Court Case
    Max Schrems, an Austrian law student, had accused the social media giant of violating Europe’s tough privacy rules.

  15. Bits Daily Report: Apple Music Goes Boldly Where Others Have Gone Before
    If the new service is successful, it could deliver billions of dollars in revenue to the music industry and establish streaming music as a stable business.

  16. Q&A: A Mac-to-iPhone Handoff
    How to set up hardware so that Macs and iOS devices share some tasks like phone calls and text messages from applications like Mail, Safari and Maps.

  17. By the Numbers: A Popular App Charts Changing Tastes in Wine
    Delectable, which has become one of the leading apps for identifying and sharing information on what you drink, is used by amateurs and some of the most influential voices in wine.

  18. Facebook Sweetens Terms for Buyers of Video Ads
    Advertisers are given the option to pay for video ads only if users view them for at least 10 seconds.

  19. Apple Music Makes Debut With D.J. Carrying the Flag
    If Apple Music is successful, it could deliver billions of dollars in revenue to the music industry and establish streaming music as a stable business.

  20. Bits Blog: Bigger, Cheaper, Faster Data in the Cloud
    The same people who brought advanced data analysis to President Obama’s campaign is announcing a set of big data tools available through Amazon Web Services.