New York Times Technology News

  1. As big companies race to build oversize data networks, communities are finding that the giant buildings can operate with only about 30 people.
  2. How a strange new class of media outlet has arisen to take over our news feeds.
  3. In the highly competitive and communal tech industry, cycling is taking the place of golf as both an individual obsession and a camaraderie builder.
  4. Many are turning to DNA testing after years of frustration with bureaucratic hurdles and flawed records.
  5. Lessons learned this week include that it’s time to update your iPhone, and nobody should be surprised by online privacy erosion.
  6. The industrial giant is investing big in an effort to adopt the nimble habits and digital wizardry of Silicon Valley. And, its C.E.O. says, there is no Plan B.
  7. I’m a venture capitalist. I should pay the top rate on “carried interest.”
  8. Mr. Ellenby founded Grid Systems, where the Compass was produced. It went on to become a tool for big corporations, government spies, White House officials and astronauts.
  9. The proposal, which doesn’t require congressional approval, would grant temporary entry for up to five years to people building start-ups in the U.S.
  10. Like other urban areas, New York City has free internet hot spots around town that can give you web access. But as always, be careful.
  11. How an industry of attention-grabbing headlines and sharing racy stories promotes a culture of mutual incomprehension.
  12. The New York Times Stylebook is our canonical reference for how our newsroom uses language. During our recent Maker Week, we asked: how might we make the online Stylebook even more useful?
  13. The United States Tennis Association lured tourists and locals to Times Square for a digital takeover to promote the U.S. Open.
  14. Exploring the app’s geolocation tags can transform it into an innovative and frenetic sort of tourism map — one tailored just for you.
  15. Manbang, as it is called, will allow people to watch their country “make a leap forward every day, every hour,” Korean Central Television said.
  16. The death of a 72-year-old woman struck by a cargo van is the first in Japan, and it follows numerous mishaps around the world as the game became popular.
  17. The numbers underscore the difficulties that Uber and other ride-hailing companies face when trying to build and expand globally.
  18. The website was a fast-paced sewer of id? Maybe, but in the democracy of the internet, it was the one millions wanted.
  19. Apple has patched its mobile operating system after investigators found flaws that were exploited to spy on dissidents and journalists.
  20. The mobile messaging service, which Facebook bought in 2014, says it will disclose users’ phone numbers and analytics data.