New York Times Technology News

  1. Remember gadgets? They were wonderful, and now they’re no more.
  2. The technology giant has not had a great track record with the companies it acquires. The hope is that it has learned from its mistakes.
  3. Signal, an encrypted chat service, is a must in an era when companies collect ever more information about users and government surveillance may expand.
  4. The settlement with the National Music Publishers’ Association, a trade group, is said to be worth more than $40 million.
  5. New Orleans has done what many cities have resisted: Cut a deal with a sharing-economy company. Is it a good one?
  6. An attack on Deutsche Telekom has Berlin concerned about becoming a target of Moscow’s campaign to destabilize Western democracies.
  7. Mike Isaac, a New York Times technology reporter, joins to talk about Facebook’s decision to comply with Chinese censorship regulations.
  8. He writes. He acts. He developed an app. And he wears clothes.
  9. The telecom giant and media behemoth defended their proposed $85.4 billion merger in a Senate hearing.
  10. The glory days of tech gadgets may be on the decline. They’ve been consumed by smartphones. Yet, there are reasons to believe in a revival.
  11. Agreements between Airbnb and the city reflect a move by the company to be more conciliatory with local governments, especially after tough regulatory battles globally.
  12. Companies are vying to create automated financial assistants that employ artificial intelligence; one was directly inspired by science fiction.
  13. Splendid new series, including “2 Dope Queens,” “Bad With Money,” “In the Dark” and “Homecoming,” represent a growing aural landscape.
  14. Bana al-Abed, 7, has more than 220,000 followers on Twitter, where she chronicles the deprivations of a child in war-torn Syria. But she has also raised questions of authenticity.
  15. The planned purchase of Optiv Security would add to a long list of transactions over the past five months including the acquisitions of Epicor and Calabrio.
  16. Alonzo Knowles, 24, stole unreleased music and movie and television scripts, as well as nude images, and tried to sell them for thousands of dollars.
  17. The internet giant has spent years migrating the source of electric power at its giant data centers to sources like wind turbines and solar panels.
  18. Twitter announced the year’s biggest topics and tweets in news and politics, but matters of identity and safety were also prominent.
  19. During the presidential race, Silicon Valley leaders shunned Mr. Trump and all he stood for. Next week, they’ll meet in New York.
  20. A unanimous court ruled on Tuesday that Samsung may not have to pay $399 million in damages for copying parts of the iPhone’s distinctive look.