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NYT > Technology

NYT > Technology
  1. E.U. Parliament Passes Measure to Break Up Google in Symbolic Vote
    While the vote poses no immediate threat to the company, it symbolizes the growing resentment in Europe toward the American technology titan.

  2. Bits Blog: New F.A.A. Report Tallies Drone Sightings, Highlighting Safety Issues
    The list is not comprehensive, but it still provides a good idea of why the F.A.A. and others are increasingly concerned about the safe operation of drones.

  3. Bits Blog: What Waze Users Can Tell Us About Thanksgiving Travel Patterns
    Waze, a community-based navigation app, finds that Thanksgiving driving patterns vary among its users depending on the city.

  4. Bits Blog: European Legislator Urging the Breakup of Google Has Ties to a Law Firm
    Andreas Schwab, a member of the European Parliament, is “of counsel” at a firm that has represented some of the German publishing interests that have been eager to declaw Google.

  5. ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Should Apply Worldwide, E.U. Panel Says
    New guidelines from privacy regulators would require Google, in certain cases, to take down links in search domains in Europe as well as outside the region.

  6. Disruptions: The Slippery Slope of Silicon Valley
    Are tech companies like Uber, Google and Facebook ethically challenged?

  7. Now, Anyone Can Buy a Drone. Heaven Help Us.
    Pranksters’ antics are forcing public safety officials to look at the air above them, generally thought safe and secure, as a place for potential trouble.
  8. App Smart: A Little Abracadabra on the Phone
    Numerous apps teach you how to fool your targets, and some even play a role in the trickery.

  9. State of the Art: Tech Toys That Go Beyond the Screen
    Toys will soon be able to be controlled and updated through an Internet connection, and that may forever alter how we think about play.

  10. Bits Blog: Europe Takes Another Look at Net Neutrality
    Some European lawmakers are pushing to loosen the net neutrality rules somewhat, allowing companies to potentially charge for faster access to their networks.

  11. Bits Blog: Sony Pictures Computers Down After Network Breach
    The computer systems were down for the second day in a row on Tuesday after hackers threatened to release files they claimed were stolen from the company’s network.

  12. U.N. Urges Protection of Privacy in Digital Era
    The United Nations adopted a resolution that signaled growing international attention on the issue of digital privacy, which it described as a human right.

  13. Workers in Silicon Valley Weigh In on Obama’s Immigration Action
    Despite drawbacks, some immigrants working in technology said the president’s actions could make work in the United States easier.

  14. Hewlett-Packard Profit Declines as Breakup Plan Begins
    Sales declined for many major products, but Meg Whitman, the chief executive, was upbeat about her plans to turn around the company.

  15. Bits Blog: Twitter Adds Coupons to Its Commerce Plans
    Twitter Offers will allow advertisers to add coupons inside of tweets. The social media company hopes it will be a novel way for businesses to woo customers.

  16. As Music Streaming Grows, Spotify Reports Rising Revenue and a Loss
    The privately held music streaming service said it had about $1 billion in 2013 revenue, and $80 million in net losses.

  17. Bits Blog: Americans Relatively Sanguine About Online Privacy, Study Says
    Most Americans are more concerned about online privacy now than they were a year ago, but a recent survey indicates that they are not as worried as those in other countries.

  18. Bits Blog: Yik Yak, an Anonymous Messaging Start-Up, Said to Raise $62 Million
    The round is the third round of venture capital fund-raising for Yik Yak in seven months, bringing the total amount of money raised to about $73 million.

  19. Bits Blog: Symantec Discovers ‘Regin’ Spy Code Lurking on Computer Networks
    The security company indicated that a powerful program that could only have been created by a “nation state” has been finding its way into computer systems for six years.

  20. DealBook: Twitter’s C.F.O. Suffers a Social Media Faux Pas
    On Monday, Anthony Noto, Twitter’s chief financial officer, appeared to accidentally disclose some confidential corporate strategy plans on the social network itself.

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