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New York Times Technology News

  1. Tech: New Gear for the School Year
    Snap, yak and stay on track: six smart toys for the essential collegian.

  2. Life@Work: Struggling to Disconnect From Our Digital Lives
    The more time we spend swimming in digital waters, the shallower our cognitive capacity becomes and the less control we have of our attention.

  3. A Company Copes With Backlash Against the Raise That Roared
    When Dan Price announced he was setting a minimum salary of $70,000 for his 120 employees, he didn’t foresee the turmoil it would cause for his business.

  4. Bits Blog: Facebook Taking Open-Source Software Ethos to Drones
    Autonomous aircraft firing lasers for three months at a time? Not bad. Open-sourcing the whole project? Maybe even better.

  5. Bits Blog: Google Fights Effort to Apply ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Ruling Worldwide
    The search giant said it would not comply with French demands to apply a European data protection ruling to its global domains.

  6. Economic View: Stolen Consumer Data Is a Smaller Problem Than It Seems
    It can easily feel as if no one’s bank account or credit card is safe. But for consumers, the effect is quite different from what the headlines suggest.

  7. Bits Blog: That Facebook Drone Is Ready for Takeoff
    The dream of consumer drones may be one step closer to reality, as Facebook announces that its unmanned aerial vehicle is ready for in-flight tests.

  8. For Sympathetic Ear, More Chinese Turn to Smartphone Program
    A new Microsoft chatbot called Xiaoice has become something of a hit in China with responses based on actual conversations culled from the Internet.

  9. U.S. Sets Goal for Faster Supercomputers. Much, Much Faster.
    President Obama announced an ambitious goal of creating an ultrafast machine that could enable breakthroughs in fields like medicine and astronomy.

  10. Glare of Video Is Shifting Public’s View of Police
    The recording of encounters between the police and the public has begun to alter public views of the use of force and race relations, experts and police officials say.

  11. Business Briefing: Linkedin Beats Expectations, but Its Shares Fall Anyway
    LinkedIn’s second-quarter results beat Wall Street’s expectations on all fronts, but the signs behind the numbers seemed to worry investors.

  12. A Facebook Project to Beam Data From Drones Is a Step Closer to Flight
    The company said its unmanned aerial vehicle, intended to bring Internet access to remote areas, is ready for tests in the upper atmosphere, most likely in the United States.

  13. How a Chinese Billionaire Built Her Fortune
    Zhou Qunfei, founder of Lens Technology, has come to define a new class of female entrepreneurs in China who have built their wealth from scratch.

  14. Common Sense: In Microsoft’s Nokia Debacle, a View of an Industry’s Feet of Clay
    The technology business is especially vulnerable to rapid, unforeseen transformation, sometimes leading to the mass extinction of giant companies.

  15. Bits Blog: Why Consumers Should Tread Carefully with Samsung Galaxy’s Price Cut
    Samsung is reducing the price of its Galaxy S6 mobile phone. That doesn’t necessarily mean that buyers should rush in.

  16. As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change
    Schools that offer accelerated training in digital skills are drawing more and more “career changers,” and graduates can make six-figure base salaries.

  17. NBCUniversal Said to Be Near Investing in BuzzFeed and Vox
    The prospective deal would be the latest effort by big media companies to get a toehold in digital media and its large audience of young people.

  18. Q&A: Choosing Your Preferred View of a Mac’s Stacks
    The system gives you several ways to see the contents of your Stacks

  19. Addicted to Your Smartphone? The Company That Made It Would Like You to Think So.
    Brian X. Chen, The Times’s consumer technology expert, explains why smartphone companies are so interested in what their products are doing to us.

  20. Bits Blog: Social Media Stocks and Their Unforgiving Investors
    The stocks of social-media companies like Yelp, Twitter and Facebook all got punished on Wednesday, either in regular or after-hours trading. Few should be surprised by the investor reaction.