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New York Times Technology News

  1. The Getaway: The Selfie-Drone: Invasion of the Vacation Snatchers
    This next generation of drones are capable of recording breathtaking video footage, but can also be a nuisance for other travelers seeking tranquil moments.

  2. Editorial: Let Consumers Use Better, Cheaper Cable Boxes
    Connecting a set-top box should be as easy as activating a new cellphone on a wireless network.

  3. Tools for Tailored Learning May Expose Students’ Personal Details
    Many technological tools used by schools are designed to customize learning, but concern is developing over the collection and use of data on individual students.

  4. James L. Flanagan, Acoustical Pioneer, Dies at 89
    Mr. Flanagan conceived of new ways in which technology could be made more compatible with human speech.

  5. Bitcoin Technology Piques Interest on Wall St.
    Financial firms are looking at the network and software that make it possible for Bitcoin to move around the world instantly and inexpensively.

  6. Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: Facebook Assistant
    Reports of Amazon layoffs, a new digital assistant service and artificial intelligence in general.

  7. App Smart: Video Feature: Back-to-School Apps for the Organized Student
    Make your own flashcards and other study aids, and keep on schedule with some education apps.

  8. Uber Hires Two Engineers Who Showed Cars Could Be Hacked
    The company’s latest talent grab snared Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who recently startled the auto industry by hacking remotely into Fiat and Chrysler vehicles.

  9. Setback for Suit Against N.S.A. on Phone Data
    The ruling allows the agency to continue its so-called bulk phone records program, though in November it is to come to an end under a new law.

  10. Ashley Madison Chief Steps Down After Data Breach
    The change came after hackers stole the online dating service’s data and released personal information related to more than 30 million accounts.

  11. App City: An App Connects Users With Start-Ups That Are Hiring
    A new app called Planted is distinguished by the type and quality of the jobs that it connects applicants with.

  12. Cultural Studies: The Perils of Email Auto-Fill
    When perfectly good texts and emails go oh, so bad, and other auto-fill disasters.

  13. Ian Rogers, Apple Music Executive, Is Leaving Company
    Mr. Rogers’s departure comes as a surprise; the music streaming service he led began only two months ago.

  14. Bits Blog: Airbnb Appoints Chris Lehane, Former Aide to Bill Clinton, as Head of Policy
    Airbnb is appointing Chris Lehane, once a top political adviser to Bill Clinton and Al Gore and a longtime strategist, as its head of global policy.

  15. Bits Daily Report: From to One Billion Users in a Single Day
    In 2005, when the first mention of Mr. Zuckerberg appeared in The New York Times, the social-networking site was still something of a novelty.

  16. European Publishers Play Lobbying Role Against Google
    An alliance of newspaper and magazine publishers has taken an increasingly active role in fighting the growing dominance of the tech giant.

  17. Bits Blog: IZettle, a Swedish Payments Start-Up, Begins a Lending Program
    The company also announced that it had raised an additional $67 million from its backers.

  18. Business Briefing: One Billion People Log In to Facebook for First Time
    For the first time, a billion people used Facebook in a single day on Monday.

  19. Ashley Madison Users Face Threats of Blackmail and Identity Theft
    Scammers and extortionists are combing through stolen data on 30 million to 40 million Ashley Madison users in search of targets.

  20. The Art of the Out-of-Office Reply
    It’s August, and vacationers’ email auto-responses are coming in left and right. From the poetic missive to a simple “nope,” saying you’re not working has become its own art form.