New York Times Technology News

  1. A big question about the I.P.O. of Snap is why its creators retain such outsize voting control. The answer lies in their history with a venture capital firm.
  2. A lawsuit says an employee took thousands of secret files on self-driving car design when he left Google to start his own company, later sold to Uber.
  3. A former employee’s blog post has raised questions about the limits of meritocracy at Uber and how much executives knew about the treatment of employees.
  4. A blog post written by a former engineer described harassment and managerial indifference to employees. These problems usually start at the top.
  5. In exchange for a bigger file size, certain digital audio formats provide better sound quality than others.
  6. Some say autonomous vehicles should have common technology before they hit the road, but there is also a strong case for independent approaches.
  7. Researchers at the incubator Jigsaw think machine learning can help publishers filter out readers’ offensive posts to keep the discourse civil.
  8. The company, owned by Tesla, relies on monthly payments from solar panel customers. But foreclosures can halt those payments, and SolarCity relies on only one credit check to vet customers.
  9. Financial start-ups hoping to become the Facebook of banking have had to work with the financial industry instead of displacing it.
  10. Unlimited plans may sound appealing, but they are not for everyone. And picking among other options can challenge the savviest of consumers.
  11. When you get a flash of inspiration away from your desk, have your smartphone convert your spoken words into text files for later use.
  12. Is such a thing even possible? Farhad Manjoo, despite his love of social media, set out to avoid news about the president. It was not easy.
  13. With so many choices available, shopping for earphones can be daunting. A headphone editor suggests buying two cheaper pairs suited to different needs.
  14. Coverage of President Trump may eclipse that of any single human being ever. I discovered several truths about our digital media ecosystem when I tuned it out.
  15. Feminist Voices was banned from Weibo, a Twitter-like service, for 30 days after it posted an article about a women’s strike planned in the U.S. in March.
  16. The two companies agreed to reduce the price Verizon will pay for Yahoo’s internet businesses to account for the impact of two huge data breaches.
  17. Filtering software can stop advertisements from appearing on the page, but some sites ask you to unblock them before you can see the content.
  18. The social media darling is expected to be tech’s next big winner on Wall Street. Will the land of sun, surf and movies finally have its Google moment?
  19. Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to help the news media. Here’s what he needs to do.
  20. That prospect has real estate agents, money managers and luxury goods purveyors excited for a potential business windfall, of the sort often seen in Silicon Valley.