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NYT > Technology

NYT > Technology
  1. Sales of 2 New iPhone 6 Devices Top 10 Million in First Weekend
    The strong demand for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus mirrors growing consumer interest in smartphones with bigger screens.

  2. Bits Blog: Pass the Word: The Phone Call Is Back
    New messaging apps are celebrating the sound (and the nuance) of the human voice.

  3. DealBook: EMC Said to Have Held Talks Over ‘Merger of Equals’ With HP
    The computer storage company now facing pressure from a big activist hedge fund had held discussions with Hewlett-Packard about a merger, though those talks have since ended.

  4. Bits Blog: Neil Gaiman Hints at the Talk Around Jeff Bezos’s Campfire
    Every year, Jeff Bezos hosts a top-secret conference for writers. This year, Mr. Gaiman wrote about the “full and frank exchange” Hachette writers had with company officials.

  5. Bits Blog: Amazon Workers Walk Off the Job in Germany Over Wage Dispute
    A total of 2,000 workers refused to show up for their shifts on Monday in an effort to force Amazon to accept an agreement in line with other retailers.
  6. Venture Between AT&T and the Chernin Group Takes Majority Stake in Fullscreen
    The deal with Fullscreen, a digital media company that connects online personalities and brands, is said to be valued at about $200 million to $300 million.
  7. Bits Blog: Hurd: Oracle Takes On Microsoft in the Cloud
    The opening keynote at Oracle’s annual conference will be about its“unique opportunity to be the leader of the next generation of cloud,” according to Mark Hurd, the new co-chief.

  8. Another View: Jack Ma on Alibaba, Entrepreneurs and the Role of Handstands
    “They call me ‘Crazy Jack,’” Mr. Ma said. “I hope to stay crazy for the next 30 years.”
  9. DealBook: Alibaba I.P.O. Underwriters Increase Deal Size to Record-Setting $25 Billion
    After Alibaba’s shares leaped 38 percent on their first day of trading on Friday, the company’s underwriters decided to exercise a so-called green shoe.

  10. DealBook: Silver Lake Reaps a Golden Return on Its Alibaba Stake After the I.P.O.
    Thanks to $500 million in investments in Alibaba made in 2011 and 2012, Silver Lake now sits on a stake worth more than $5.1 billion.

  11. DealBook: Siemens Agrees to Buy Dresser-Rand, an Oil Services Company, for $7.6 Billion
    The giant engineering conglomerate will pay $83 a share for the Houston-based Dresser-Rand Group, giving Siemens a major presence in the American energy sector.

  12. For Airbnb and Uber, an Uneven Response by Regulators
    For technology start-ups like Airbnb and Uber, efforts to gain a stronger foothold in European countries have been complicated by varying regulations from different governments.

  13. Bits Blog: Oculus Brings the Virtual Closer to Reality
    Virtual reality technology may attract big money from tech giants, but a conference to showcase one company’s products gave plenty of space to the small fry.
  14. Those Dreaded Spoilers That Can Torpedo Dramatic Plot Take on a New Meaning
    Revealing surprising plot twists and turns of a television show is no longer always seen as a social faux pas, and some experts are studying why.
  15. Publications See Pinterest as Key Ally
    Magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and Self increasingly see the photo-sharing site as a critical source of traffic — and emerging trends to cover.
  16. Citizens Financial Stock Offering, and a New BlackBerry
    Citizens Financial Group is scheduled to price its initial public offering this week, and BlackBerry is introducing the Passport phone.

  17. China Clamps Down on Web, Pinching Companies Like Google
    Chinese authorities have tightened censorship over Internet traffic in recent weeks, and Google and its services are particularly affected.

  18. Peter Thiel and David Graeber Debate Technology’s Future
    Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur, debated barriers to technology with the anthropologist David Graeber at a forum in Manhattan.
  19. Bits Blog: Salesforce Boss Tips His Hand on Company’s Big News
    Marc Benioff gave away one of his big surprises for an upcoming show: his data analysis cloud for the masses is likely one of many, with more on the way. But can his be different?

  20. Bits Blog: Former Hampton Creek Executive Says He Will Not Advise Company
    The discrepancy between the accounts of Hampton Creek and Ali Partovi, a top executive who left after nine days on the job, suggests that the split between the two was not as amicable as the company has said publicly.

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