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New York Times Technology News

  1. Nick Denton, Gawker Founder, Assails Peter Thiel as ‘Vindictive’ Foe
    Gawker Media also hired an investment banker to help explore its options for a possible sale.
  2. Thiel-Gawker Fight Raises Concerns About Press Freedom
    The bankrolling of a lawsuit against the Gawker website by the Silicon Valley figure Peter Thiel has led to a debate encompassing broader themes.
  3. Bits: Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: Techies vs. the Media
    Do tech venture capitalists really want to support a system in which moving fast results in company-ending lawsuits?
  4. Tech Companies Take Their Legislative Concerns to the States
    As they create increasingly sophisticated voice and face recognition products, technology firms are lobbying state lawmakers to discourage restrictive new laws that critics call necessary to prevent the violation of user rights.
  5. Silicon Valley Journal: Tech Titans Raise Their Guard, Pushing Back Against News Media
    The leaders of Silicon Valley are becoming more cautious and elusive, even as their products make the world more transparent.
  6. Born in the VCR Era, Great Courses Seeks to Evolve
    With a new streaming service aimed at broadening its customers base, the company says it can be “the Netflix of learning.”
  7. Study Linking Tumors in Rats to Cellphones Raises a Host of Questions
    Researchers found that the type of radiation emitted by cellphones had a slightly higher risk of developing cancer, but other experts cast doubt on the findings.
  8. Verizon and Unions Reach an Agreement That May End Strike
    The accord, after a walkout by nearly 40,000 workers that begin in mid-April, is said to include two key concessions by the company.
  9. Mediator: Behind the Scenes, Billionaires’ Growing Control of News
    Today’s quiet maneuvering by the ultrawealthy is very different from — and can be more dangerous than — the undisguised views of moguls like William Randolph Hearst.
  10. Tech Tip: Fixing Microsoft Office for Mac Update Errors
    Some OS X versions of the popular business suite need a little extra help to be updated properly.
  11. Bits: Google Bests Oracle in Court, but the Fight Isn’t Over
    The companies have been fighting for six years over the use of Java, which Oracle acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems.
  12. Modern Love: Putting Love to the Stress Test
    When two self-described tech geeks slide into a relationship that seems too easy, they design a monthlong trial to expose its flaws.
  13. First Words: How ‘Everything’ Became the Highest Form of Praise
    How do you distinguish a photo, video or new product from the rest when they’re all hailed as the epitome of achievement?
  14. Talk: B.J. Novak Thinks Actors Are Bad at Playing Writers
    The actor and app developer on democratizing writing, why Ethan Hawke is too hot to be a writer and avenging his ghostwriter father’s anonymity.
  15. What in the World: How Many Hours Does an iPhone Cost?
    The cash price of a new iPhone may be roughly the same everywhere, but the amount of work you’d have to put in to afford one can be all over the place.
  16. Sinosphere: Bus Project Finds a Way Around China’s Traffic Jams: Gliding Above Them
    The designer of the vehicle, Song Youzhou, says that prototypes are being constructed and that five cities have signed contracts with his company for pilot projects.
  17. A 32-Hour Webcast of Norwegians Reading the Fine Print
    A government agency staged the reading of the terms and conditions of 30 downloadable apps to point out their absurdity and possible illegality.
  18. North Korea Linked to Digital Attacks on Global Banks
    Security researchers say this is the first known case of a nation using malicious code to steal money for pure financial profit.
  19. Snapchat Raises $1.8 Billion From Private Investors
    Over the last year, investors like Alibaba have bought stakes in Snapchat. Alibaba agreed to invest $200 million at a valuation of $15 billion.
  20. Bits: Tech Mogul Helped Hulk Hogan Take Down Gawker
    Peter Thiel’s role in backing the lawsuit against Gawker may have consequences for the rest of the media covering the billionaires of Silicon Valley.