IBCSR mentioned across the Web

The scientific study of religion may be a young field, but IBCSR is already garnering attention in a wide variety of venues. Just for starters, university psychology and religious studies departments across the country have linked to ScienceOnReligion.org on their websites as a resource for students and faculty. Binghamton University's innovation program in Evolutionary Religious Studies, for example, mentions both the Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion and the new journal Religion, Brain, & Behavior, which is associated with the Institute, on its website.

IBCSR and the research it disseminates have also been featured in other types of venues. Here are a few examples:

Evolution of Religion, a multidisciplinary collaborative effort to investigate the evolutionary history of religious phenomena.

The Bravewell Collaborative, an organization that researches and advocates for integrative medicine in the United States.

The Boston Globe, metropolitan Boston's leading daily newspaper.

SciLogs, a collection of science blogs by accomplished science writers and researchers.

• The internet staple Wikipedia, which cites IBCSR in a number of articles.