Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion

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IBCSR is a research institute handling religion-focused research within the Center for Mind and Culture.

Science On features news on the scientific study of religion, book reviews, and videos.

Exploring My get instant feedback on your spirituality and contribute to scientific research.

Religion, Brain & Behavior is the flagship journal in the bio-cultural study of religion, discounted for IBCSR members. Resources

sorThe Institute's outreach site is ScienceOnReligion carries a great deal of content that is of great interest to a wide range of people, so that site gets a high volume of traffic. The kinds of content you will find on ScienceOnReligion include:

ScienceOnReligion supports comments, so you can respond to research news articles and other content.

You can keep up with new postings at ScienceOnReligion in three ways.

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