IBCSR Research Review

IBCSR Research Review (IRR) is a monthly publication that briefly annotates and furnishes online information about scientific research articles related to brain, behavior, culture, and religion published in leading journals. It also lists relevant books. Articles in press are listed without annotation. Annotations for articles aim to supply a preliminary understanding of the methods and results of a research study, or the argument of a paper. Annotations typically furnish more detail for articles in the scientific study of religion related to religion, brain, and behavior than for articles in the area of spirituality and health, in accordance with IBCSR research priorities.

Articles for each issue are located by searching a variety of databases, such as Applied Science and Technology, ASFA Biological Sciences, ATLA Religion Database, General Science, Medline (PubMed), Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, PSYCinfo, ScienceDirect, and Web of Science. The search terms are similar to the following: ((religio* OR meditat* OR pray*) AND (psycholog* OR neurol* OR neuros* OR scien* OR cogniti* OR evolutio*)). Books are located on Amazon.com, Google Books, and Worldcat. Articles not directly relevant to the scientific study of religion or spirituality, medicine & health research are excluded, as is correspondence.

IRR is freely distributed via email to those who register here at IBCSR.org – see the "IBCSR Research Review" box at the upper right-hand corner of this page. The publisher is Wesley J. Wildman and the editor is Joel Daniels, a doctoral student in Religion and Science at Boston University. A searchable online database of everything ever published in the scientific study of religion is also avilable to Institute members. That database is updated monthly as each new issue of IBCSR Research Review appears.

Further information about IBCSR Research Review, as well as past issues, is available here.

IBCSR Research Review

IBCSR Research Review is a free monthly email newsletter surveying all recent work in the bio-cultural study of religion and in spirituality & health research. Register here after answering a simple anti-bot question.
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