"Getting the IBCSR Research Review is like having Christmas every month. As soon as I receive this little PDF gift package in my email in-box, I stop whatever I am working on and electronically tear it open — and immediately begin downloading or ordering articles relevant for my current research projects. Thank you IBCSR!"

F. LeRon Shults, University of Adger, Norway


The IBCSR Research Review offers a survey of recently published scientific research related to religion, brain, and behavior. You can register to receive free email editions of the IBCSR Research Review using the registration box on this page or on the IBCSR home page. Online versions will be available below, several months after they are published.

IBCSR members have access to the entire history of IBCSR Research Review issues as well as a searchable database of publications in the scientific study of religion. The database is a one-stop solution to finding what has been published in the biocultural study of religion and in spirituality and health research, with no extraneous results to sift through on your way to locating the information you seek. The IBCSR Research Review Database contains all entries from all issues of the IBCSR Research Review as well as articles from previous years back to the middle of the nineteenth century, and is expanding all the time. IBCSR members enjoy other benefits, too. Join IBCSR today using the link on this page and on the IBCSR home page.

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Praise for IBCSR Research Review

It is an exciting time for evolutionary studies of religion as innovative projects are undertaken and new findings emerge across many fields of study. Keeping abreast of the accumulating interdisciplinary research presents an increasingly formidable challenge. That challenge is made much more manageable by the IBCSR Research Review. The Research Review not only affords a comprehensive overview of relevant publications across disparate fields; it also provides concise, succinct synopses of these publications -- excellent tool for keeping up with a rapidly burgeoning literature. (Candace Alcorta, Research Scientist, Department of Anthropology, University of Connecticut)

"I'm so grateful to hear from you and your organization. What a wonderful navigation system for the world of science/spirit integration." (Linda K. Larkey, Professor, Scottsdale Healthcare Chair of Biobehavioral Oncology, Research College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University)

"I wanted to tell you I really appreciate IBCSR Research Review. The reviews are very well done and I enjoy them. I plan to make a deeper analysis as I prepare some materials for a speech I have been invited to give. The reviews will be very helpful." (Katherine Verdolini Abbott, Professor, Communication Science and Disorders, University of Pittsburgh)

"This is an incredible resource for professional health care chaplains who want to stay current with the latest scientific research on spirituality and health. I've recommended it to all my colleagues and students!" (David W. Fleenor, Manager and Clinical Pastoral Educator, Pastoral Care Services at NYU Langone Medical Center, a partner institution of HealthCare Chaplaincy)

"I am very happy to be a subscriber to the IBCSR Research Review. It offers me detailed referencing information, keeps me updated on current research, and saves me many hours of searching. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in research on religion." (Dimitris Xygalatas, Director, LEVYNA Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion; Department for the Study of Religion, Masaryk University; and Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University; Managing Editor, Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion)

"I have appreciated all the work that has gone into researching and publishing the IRR abstracts. After retirement, I kept pursuing my interest in the evolutionary origins of religion. I go to your newsletter first every month to keep up with what is being published." (James W. Dow, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Oakland University)

IBCSR Research Review

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