Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion

An Institute of the Center for Mind and Culture

IBCSR is a research institute handling religion-focused research within the Center for Mind and Culture.

Science On features news on the scientific study of religion, book reviews, and videos.

Exploring My get instant feedback on your spirituality and contribute to scientific research.

Religion, Brain & Behavior is the flagship journal in the bio-cultural study of religion, discounted for IBCSR members.

emrExploringMyReligion is IBCSR's instant-feedback survey platform. The site presents online surveys and instantly supplies feedack to participants when they finish a survey. The feedback explains the results and helps people explore their religious and spiritual outlook.

The kinds of surveys you can expect to find at ExploringMyReligion include:

  • Multidimensional Religious Ideology survey
  • Moral Foundations Questionnaire
  • Big Five Personality Scale
  • Spiritual Style Survey
  • Religious Literacy Survey

If your research teacm would like to strike up a collaborative relationship with IBCSR and post surveys ExploringMyReligion, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IBCSR Research Review

IBCSR Research Review is a free monthly email newsletter surveying all recent work in the bio-cultural study of religion and in spirituality & health research. Register here after answering a simple anti-bot question.
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