dosAlmost everyone uses the word "spirtuality." But what do they mean when they use it? And how can scientists studying spirituality avoid falling into the trap of assuming one meaning while the people who participate in their studies may mean something quite different? The aim of the Dimensions of Spirituality Project is to create a cross-culturally useful inventory of the dimensions of meaning that people associate with spirituality. This inventory can bring self-understanding to individuals and groups that take the inventory. It also places in the hands of researchers a robust and sensitive tool that can guide their imaginative research efforts. The project, led by Dr. Wesley Wildman, was inspired by the quantitative research of sociologist Dr. Nancy Ammerman, who is a key member of the research team. Drs. Wildman and Ammerman are joined by PhD students David Rohr and Nick DiDonato, as well as masters student Lauren Hickey.

Key personnel: Wesley J. Wildman (PI), Nancy Ammerman, David Rohr, Nicholas DiDonato, Lauren Hickey.