Ready to participate? The EPCI is now available online!!!

We are quite happy to announce that the Enhanced Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory (EPCI) is now fully operational and available online!!!

After many months of fine-tuning and careful calibration, the wait is finally over. With your help in completing this survey, together we can cultivate a deeper and more precise appreciation for genuine, lived religion as it is experienced on the ground by actual individuals across many different cultural contexts and demographic groups.

But that's not the only reason to participate! You will receive immediate feedback in the form of detailed information about the nature of your experience, as well as easy-to-understand graphs and charts that allow you to see how your own results compare with those of others who have also taken these surveys. So, if you've had an intense religious or spiritual experience in the past, please consider sharing that experience with us by completing the EPCI.

To do so, simply go HERE and look for the survey called "Religious and Spiritual Experiences" (don't worry, all responses remain anonymous and any participation on your part is kept strictly confidential). And tell your friends -- if you know of others who may have had an experience of this type, we would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word.