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The IBCSR Research Review Database went live in January, 2011. The same search algorithms, selection procedures, and abstract-writing principles used to produce IBCSR Research Review are also used to construct the IBCSR Research Review Database. This database is gradually expanding, moving from the present backwards in time to the earliest research in the scientific study of religion, which is around the late 1980s (see the history of publications at the bottom of this page). Each new issue of IBCSR Research Reviewalso increases database holdings moving month by month into the future. The resulting index is the best place to find everything ever published in the English language on the scientific study of religion.

The main way to find the information you need is to search the IBCSR Research Review Database. Here are the steps to follow.

First, open the Zotero add-in within the Firefox web browser (see the article on accessing the database if you need help with this).

Second, syncronization of your local database with the online version of the database should begin automatically. If you want to initiate syncronization manually, click the Sycronize button.

Third, now you are ready to search items. There are several approaches.

Method 1: type text into the search box in the Zotero add-in. This will search all fields and display the records that satisfy the search. This method will also allow you to search in the online database using the search box at the top of the Zotero group window.

Method 2: you can click the search button to open a window and initate a search operation. The search window displays results. You can also save a search. The saved search appears under the "My Library" collection. Unfortunately, this method only works for the My Library collection so, if you want to use this method, you have to move items into the My Library collection first.

Method 3: you can use the category system to filter results and to limit the applicability of search-box entries.

Method 4: on the Zotero site, you can type a subject phrase under "Tags" to limit the subject tags, and then click on one or more subject tags to display items described by those subject tags.

You can find out more about searching by consulting the Zotero documentation.

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