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Religion, Brain & Behavior has a CiteSchore of 3.5, which ranks #2 among 594 Religious Studies journals in SCOPUS.

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Religion, Brain & Behavior's iconic image is William Blake's painting, "Web of Religion" (pictured on the journal cover, at right). 

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We have made it convenient for you to recommend that your local library purchase an RBB subscription. Just download the recommendation sheet, fill out the information, and give it to your librarian. The recommendation sheet is an editable pdf form, so you can fill it out using a computer and email it to your librarian, or else print it up and hand the sheet to your librarian. All you need to add is your name; the journal information is already provided.

How to Subscribe

An RBB subscription is included at a discounted rate with membership in the Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion. IBCSR membership has other benefits as well, including subscription to a monthly research review and networking opportunities with other researchers interested in the scientific study of religion. Institutional and individual subscriptions to the journal are also available directly from Taylor & Francis. See here for further information on how to become a member.

Aims and Scope

The aim of Religion, Brain & Behavior (RBB) is to provide a vehicle for the advancement of current biological approaches to understanding religion at every level, from brain to behavior. RBB unites multiple disciplinary perspectives that share these interests. The journal seeks empirical and theoretical studies that reflect rigorous scientific standards and a sophisticated appreciation of the academic study of religion. RBB welcomes contributions from a wide array of biological and related disciplines, ranging from cognitive science and evolutionary psychology to and religious studies. RBB publishes high quality research articles, target articles with about ten solicited commentaries and an author response, case studies, and occasional review articles. Issues are published three times during 2011, and four times annually from 2012 onwards.