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New York Times Technology News

  1. Uber Agrees to Settle Class-Action Suit Over Safety Claims
    Uber must pay roughly 25 million riders across the United States and reword the language around the fee that the company charges for each ride.

  2. Open Blog: Improving Startup Time in the NYTimes Android App
    Here’s how we improved startup time for our Android application.

  3. Pandora Is Said to Have Held Talks About Selling Itself
    Pandora, whose stock has fallen more than 60 percent since October, is said to be working with Morgan Stanley to meet with potential buyers.

  4. Google Will Further Block Some European Search Results
    To fend off privacy complaints, the search giant will block access to certain links from all of its search sites when used from the European Union.

  5. James Woods Clears Hurdle in Effort to Unmask Twitter User
    A judge declined this week to put an end to Mr. Woods’s case against an anonymous user that Twitter has refused to identify.

  6. Tech Tip: Using Older Hardware With Windows 10
    If you rely on a certain printer or scanner connected to your computer, check to see if the device is compatible with Windows 10 before you upgrade.

  7. Bits: Why Twitter Is Like a Deli With Good Pastrami
    A deli makes a great pastrami sandwich, but only sells them within a five-block radius. Likewise, when Twitter doesn’t draw new users, it can’t sell more ads.

  8. Delivery Start-Ups Face Road Bumps in Quest to Capture Untapped Market
    Entrepreneurs and investors are discovering how complicated it can be to create a profitable delivery service.

  9. How Smartphones Are Killing Off the Fashion Show
    The system of showing clothes on a runway, then selling them in stores six months later, seems increasingly irrelevant in the age of social media.

  10. App Smart: Filters That Add a Dash of Dazzle to Smartphone Photos
    Several inexpensive or free apps offer an array of options for images.

  11. State of the Art: Twitter, to Save Itself, Must Scale Back World-Swallowing Ambitions
    A more prosperous and promising future for Twitter may be as a private company or as a smaller division of a tech or media giant.

  12. Wood Shop Enters the Age of High-Tech
    The D.I.Y. movement — to get students creating, be it for fun, for art or for entrepreneurship — is booming. There’s even a MOOC on how to teach tinkering.

  13. Twitter User Growth Stalls, and the Chief Pledges to Make Fixes
    The problem, Twitter said, is that the service is still not always intuitive to use, and it comes with quirks that newcomers find difficult to grasp.

  14. Gadgetwise: Streamlining the Universal Remote Device
    Many so-called universal remotes are hard to set up, and bury important commands in a remote screen’s submenus.

  15. Google Car Exposes Regulatory Divide on Computers as Drivers
    A federal agency seems to accept that the computers controlling a self-driving car are the same as a human driver, but California differs.

  16. Marc Andreessen Apologizes After Facebook Disavows India Comments
    Mark Zuckerberg denounced remarks by Mr. Andreessen on Twitter that Indians were being shortsighted by banning Facebook’s Free Basics project.

  17. An Exhibition That Proves Video Games Can Be Art
    “The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer,” in Boston, is the first major museum retrospective dedicated to a game designer’s work.

  18. Twitter Will Offer Selected Tweets to Keep Users Coming Back
    The option, a change from the usual presentation in reverse chronological order, was announced just before Twitter was to report on earnings.

  19. Tech Tip: Making Corrections in the Gmail Address Book
    When your Google Contacts list becomes outdated or in need of correction, you can update the entries as needed.

  20. Bits: A Rough Ride for Tech Stocks, and It’s Not Over
    As Twitter reports quarterly earnings, the tech sector braces for more fallout.