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New York Times Technology News

  1. Bits Blog: Apple Watch Has Landed — Here’s What You Need to Know
    Apple Watch began shipping Friday. What you need to know about the gadget.

  2. Robotica Episode 1: Cheaper Robots, Fewer Workers
    This is the first episode in a Bits video series that examines how robots are poised to change the way we do business and conduct our daily lives.

  3. Liquid Batteries for Solar and Wind Power
    So-called flow batteries can provide energy steadily over time and last much longer than other types of storage.

  4. Under Regulators’ Scrutiny, Comcast and Time Warner Cable End Deal
    The $45 billion merger plan had raised concerns in the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission.

  5. Shawn Mendes and the 6-Second Path to Stardom
    His path to music stardom has run through Vine. To critics of that, he says, “You only have six seconds to impress somebody.”

  6. Sinosphere Blog: Chinese Company Says It Never Planned a ‘Thugs for Hire’ App
    Rather than create an “Uber for Assault,” the business said it had intended to create a concierge service, much like the apps allowing users to negotiate for services.

  7. Bits Blog: With Mi 4i Smartphone, Xiaomi Turns to India
    With the growth of China’s smartphone market slowing, turning to India is an obvious next stop for a company like Xiaomi.

  8. News Analysis: Once Comcast’s Deal Shifted to a Focus on Broadband, Its Ambitions Were Sunk
    The air of inevitability that once hung over the deal dissipated for months as the debate over net neutrality played out in Washington.
  9. With Amazon Atop the Cloud, Big Tech Rivals Are Giving Chase
    Amazon said in its first-quarter earnings report that its cloud division, Amazon Web Services, had revenue of $1.57 billion and operating income of $265 million.

  10. Pentagon Announces New Strategy for Cyberwarfare
    The policy marks the fourth time in four months that the Obama administration has named suspected hackers or announced new strategies designed to raise the cost of cyberattacks.

  11. At $17.3 Billion, Google’s Quarterly Revenue Rose 12 Percent
    The search giant’s first-quarter net revenue was $13.9 billion, from $12.2 billion, but analysts had expected $14.04 billion.

  12. Kleiner Perkins Seeks Nearly $1 Million From Ellen Pao
    The firm filed for reimbursement of its expenses in a gender discrimination case, but indicated it would accept her dropping the case instead.

  13. Microsoft Profits Slip Less Than Projected, With Revenue Up 6%
    No one was expecting big things from Microsoft in its most recent quarter, but its results ended up being far less grim than the worst case scenarios predicted for the company.

  14. Amazon Swings to Small Loss While Revenue Jumps 15%
    For the first time, the web retailer broke out its numbers for its cloud computing division, which Jeff Bezos, the chief executive, called “a $5 billion business and still growing fast.”

  15. Family Office of Google’s Eric Schmidt Buys Stake in Hedge Fund D.E. Shaw
    The 20 percent stake of the $36 billion hedge fund is one of the last vestiges of the bankrupt Lehman Brothers.

  16. The Apple Watch Arrives in Stores (Just Not Its Own)
    Select destination fashion boutiques around the world have their own stock, and will be offering the watch for sale at the end of the week.

  17. Remotely Controlling the DVR
    Tips for Time Warner Cable customers who want to use their iPhones to manage DVR recordings.

  18. Changing Tactics, Apple Promotes Watch as a Luxury Item
    The Apple Watch will be sold in just nine countries and only through its own channels, entering the world in a different manner from that of the iPhone.

  19. Box, Provider of Cloud-Computing Services, Faces Make-or-Break Moment
    Box is nearing a point other young companies are also likely to face: Find a way to cut losses and stay ahead of deep-pocketed competition or disappear.

  20. App Smart: Video Feature: Apps to Kindle the Imagination
    Stuck on a problem? Trapped in a rut? Here are a few apps to get your creativity flowing again.