New York Times Technology News

  1. The highway agency found that while Tesla’s Autopilot feature didn’t prevent a crash in Florida, the system performed as it was intended.
  2. Most of the conference’s universities will field teams in the multiplayer online game League of Legends, and the Big Ten Network will broadcast select games.
  3. App stores backed by giant corporations have created choke points for the internet, which governments are now exploiting.
  4. We discuss two shows, “The OA” and “Search Party,” that are made to be gorged on.
  5. A review of important developments in the tech industry.
  6. The chip maker’s technology is at heart of the smartphone revolution. But as the company’s influence grows, it is gaining unwanted antitrust attention.
  7. Amit Singhal, a 15-year Google veteran, said he was joining Uber, a coup for a company that has publicly stated its intention to chase Google in autonomous-vehicle research.
  8. How to keep up with the events on television, online and on mobile devices, and a security to-do list if you are there.
  9. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget is now calling the embattled initiative, which created just 408 jobs in two years, the Excelsior Business Program.
  10. The spread of it has been in the spotlight since Donald J. Trump won the election, prompting soul-searching in tech, media and political circles.
  11. Netflix added a record 7.05 million streaming members in the three months that ended Dec. 31, beating its forecast of 5.2 million new members for the quarter.
  12. A justice rejected a request to issue a warrant for Jay Y. Lee, but the de facto Samsung chief can still be indicted if a special prosecutor decides to pursue bribery allegations.
  13. As information on the internet has become centralized in a few companies, it has become much easier for countries to limit access to that data.
  14. Cameron Harris, a recent college graduate, pulled six million people into his bogus story about the discovery of fraudulent ballots for Hillary Clinton.
  15. Help meet your new goals with apps that can help you stick to your plan, even if that means not checking your phone quite so often.
  16. Newer iPhones can convert a voice mail recording into text so you don’t have to play it to get it.
  17. How to decide what happens to your Facebook, Google, Twitter accounts and more when you die.
  18. Speed-runners are rushing through classic video games, like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, without the benefit of sight, and to the delight of others.
  19. Oculus, a virtual reality company acquired by Facebook, is accused of stealing elements of the technology that went into its headsets.
  20. Washington is expected to fill up with supporters and protesters for the inauguration, and companies big and small are set to do brisk business.