New York Times Technology News

  1. The e-commerce giant has big plans to use autonomous aircraft to deliver packages, and is testing the devices in rural England. We went to find them.
  2. Twitter news, including a prolific tweeter’s hiatus. Also: A human sacrifice is needed for Elon Musk’s Mars shot. By popular acclamation, it’s Farhad.
  3. For years, players have been valued for their hitting. Now a groundbreaking tool makes it possible to measure how much their defense contributes to a team’s success
  4. Juno, currently operating only in New York City, is luring drivers with a lower commission and the promise of stock that can be cashed in if the company is sold or goes public.
  5. In collaboration with Intel, Hussein Chalayan created glasses and belts that tracked his models’ stress levels, then shone the visual projections on the wall.
  6. The releases, which will weave features from the popular streaming video service into the gaming experience, are Amazon’s first games aimed at hard-core players.
  7. Shares of the company, one of the few venture capital-backed start-ups with a valuation greater than $1 billion to go public this year, more than doubled.
  8. The first Future of StoryTelling Festival will offer participants virtual reality, immersive theater and other interactive experiences.
  9. Lithium-ion batteries don’t last forever, but there are ways to find out your battery’s current condition.
  10. European regulators look at Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn not for what it is, but for what may be. They are right to.
  11. The investment will enable the firm, Anonymous Content, to be more aggressive in making programming aimed at compelling social change.
  12. Concerned that agencies’ largely white and male leadership is hindering efforts to connect with American consumers, some companies threaten to walk.
  13. The pop star provides a model for dealing with the pressure of oversharing.
  14. Google Maps revolutionized how you get from point A to point B. Google Trips aims to to do the same for how you vacation.
  15. The vessel shut down and landed with a soft belly-flop onto Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at a speed of two miles per hour.
  16. Water injection technology is well-known, but has not caught on in consumer autos. Bosch is betting that environmental regulations will help it go mainstream.
  17. IBM said that Promontory, which advises banks on regulatory matters, would mesh with its own offerings, including its Watson artificial intelligence platform.
  18. A merger of the two companies would be the latest consolidation in the chip-making industry and could be valued at over $30 billion.
  19. Salesforce, a San Francisco tech company, is said to have questioned whether Microsoft’s takeover of LinkedIn might hinder consumer choice and access to data.
  20. Criminals are beginning to take advantage of the kind of smart technology that imitates voices and helps people plot the fastest route home.