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New York Times Technology News

  1. Business Briefing: Yelp Posts Surprise Loss as Revenue Growth Slows
    The company reported its slowest revenue growth in 18 quarters and said its chairman, Max Levchin, would step down “to pursue other interests.”

  2. U.S. Extends Bank Breach Investigation
    Federal authorities say they believe that some of the people suspected in last summer’s big online attack against JPMorgan Chase also turned to friends and acquaintances to further their ends.

  3. Twitter Revenue Up 61%, but User Growth Lags
    Shares fell after the company’s executives warned that the social network was still too hard to use and that it would take time to address the issue.

  4. Bits Blog: A Steady Percentage of Americans Still Do Not Go Online, Study Says
    Fifteen percent of Americans do not use the Internet — essentially the same portion of the population that did not go online in 2013 — according to a new Pew Research Center study.

  5. Gadgetwise: Meet Windows 10, a Throwback With Upgrades in Software and Security
    The Start button is back, in a more modern fashion, and the tablet mode, while perhaps intimidating for longtime Windows users, has familiar touches.

  6. Bits Blog: Deliveroo, an On-Demand Food Delivery Service, Raises $70 Million
    The London-based start-up raised an additional $70 million as its founders took advantage of the appetite for the so-called on-demand economy.

  7. Bits Blog: Google Loosens Ties to Google Plus
    The company is most likely responding to the demands of mobile users who expect apps to deliver services on their own.

  8. Bits Blog: Farhad and Mike’s Week in Review: Can Cities Beat Uber?
    Farhad Manjoo and Mike Isaac discuss the week’s tech news. This week: After Uber defeated New York’s effort to cap its growth, how might other cities address Uber and companies like it?

  9. Bits Blog: Using Algorithms to Determine Character
    A new generation of companies is applying mathematical models to determine if you will pay back a loan or stay in a job. Do they judge you more fairly than people do?

  10. As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change
    Schools that offer accelerated training in digital skills are drawing more and more “career changers,” and graduates can make six-figure base salaries.

  11. Bits Blog: Jack Dorsey Readies for His Close-Up
    The interim Twitter chief will make his most extensive comments in quite some time during Twitter’s earnings report briefing later Tuesday.

  12. LinkedIn, Notorious for Sending Too Many Emails, Cuts Back
    When it comes to encouraging networking, the site finally agreed that less is more.

  13. Escalator Death in China Sets Off Furor Online
    The outrage after the death of a 31-year-old mother at a mall shows how the Chinese have used social media to spotlight injustice.

  14. Stripe, Digital Payments Start-Up, Raises New Funding and Partners With Visa
    The San Francisco-based digital payments start-up now has a $5 billion valuation and a partnership with Visa to help it compete.

  15. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking Among Hundreds to Urge Ban on Military Robots
    Researchers and experts urged a worldwide ban on so-called autonomous weapons, saying they could set off a revolution in weaponry comparable to gunpowder and nuclear arms.

  16. Business Briefing: Baidu Profit Increases 3.2. Percent, but Below Analysts’ Forecasts
    The second-quarter profit for Baidu, China’s biggest Internet search company, fell short of analysts’ estimates as the company spent heavily to diversify away from its core search ad business.

  17. Bits Blog: How Algorithms Determine Our Character
    It’s set to be another busy week in technology news, with Twitter and Facebook reporting earnings, but before then, read stories about how algorithms determine if you will pay back a loan or stay in a job and how native advertising is supporting the podcast boom.

  18. Ads for Podcasts Test the Line Between Story and Sponsor
    Podcast networks like Gimlet Media and Panoply are increasingly relying on a funding model that asks reporters and hosts to help create ads or endorse advertisers’ products.

  19. Memo From China: China Uses ‘Picking Quarrels’ Charge to Cast a Wider Net Online
    In its growing Internet crackdown, Beijing has turned to an old ban on “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” once limited to physical acts like handing out fliers.

  20. Bits Blog: Facebook and Other Tech Giants Expand Internet Access in Africa
    Facebook and other leading American technology companies see Africa as a place to experiment with new ways of expanding Internet access.