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New York Times Technology News

  1. Business Briefing: One Billion People Log In to Facebook for First Time
    For the first time, a billion people used Facebook in a single day on Monday.

  2. Ashley Madison Users Face Threats of Blackmail and Identity Theft
    Scammers and extortionists are combing through stolen data on 30 million to 40 million Ashley Madison users in search of targets.

  3. Bits Blog: Airbnb Appoints Chris Lehane, Former Aide to Bill Clinton, as Head of Policy
    Airbnb is appointing Chris Lehane, once a top political adviser to Bill Clinton and Al Gore and a longtime strategist, as its head of global policy.

  4. The Art of the Out-of-Office Reply
    It’s August, and vacationers’ email auto-responses are coming in left and right. From the poetic missive to a simple “nope,” saying you’re not working has become its own art form.

  5. Untangling the Mysteries of Personal Technology
    Tech Fix, a new feature, will try to make using devices less frustrating by examining the causes of problems and coming up with solutions.

  6. Google Rebuts Europe on Antitrust Charges
    The American technology giant would face fines worth billions of dollars if it is found to have broken the European Union’s competition rules.

  7. Bits Blog: Security Blogger May Have New Lead in Ashley Madison Hacking
    Fallout from the breach of the adultery dating site spreads as law enforcement investigates further. A song from the rock band AC/DC has a role in the inquiry.

  8. Bits Daily Report: The Ugly and Antisocial Side of Social Media
    It is passé to say these days, but maybe it bears repeating after Wednesday: Social media is a powerful thing.

  9. Free Windows 10 Is Downloaded 75 Million Times
    Seventy-five million users have downloaded Windows 10 to their personal computers and tablets in the first month of its release, Microsoft announced.

  10. Joseph Traub, Who Helped Bring Computer Science to Universities, Dies at 83
    Mr. Traub, who founded the computer science department at Columbia, helped the emerging academic discipline garner respectability and resources.

  11. State of the Art: Virginia Shooting Gone Viral, in a Well-Planned Rollout on Social Media
    A gunman orchestrated his own moment in the limelight, a frightful twist in an age of online sharing and ubiquitous video documentation.

  12. Bits Blog: Facebook Tests a Digital Assistant for Its Messaging App
    Facebook is wading into the increasingly crowded field of digital personal assistants with a new offering called M.

  13. Bits Blog: The Appeal of Free: 75 Million Users Download Windows 10 in First Month
    The early audience-building of both users and developers is crucial for Microsoft, and the early results look encouraging.

  14. Disruptions: Pregnancy Apps Do Everything but Ease Labor Pains
    Now that downloads help track labor and a baby’s development and can help a child fall asleep, one must ask: How did we ever have babies before apps came along?

  15. Book Entry: The Melting of Mark Zuckerberg’s Donation to Newark Schools
    “The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools?” looks at how applying business principles to education can go awry.

  16. App Smart: Video Feature: Back-to-School Apps for the Organized Student
    Make your own flashcards and other study aids, and keep on schedule with some education apps.

  17. Bits Daily Report: A Small Breather for Tech Stocks
    These days, a good day is when not every tech stock ends in the red. By that measure, Tuesday wasn’t so bad.

  18. As Service Gaps Remain, City Says Verizon Broke Promise on FiOS
    The company says it met its promise to have fiber-optic cable for FiOS pass all three million homes in the city by the end of last year. The city’s response: not even close.

  19. Tech Fix: In-Flight Wi-Fi Prices Jump as Demand Surges
    Gogo, the top provider of in-flight Wi-Fi, says high demand and reliance on old technology have driven it to double peak prices in the last three years.

  20. Search Results: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-#&$!
    A mobile app turned voice recordings into 3-D animated videos. Americans were determined to put a twisted spin on them.