Dimensions of Spirituality Project

What does it mean when someone says that she's "spiritual?" What about when someone says he's "spiritual but not religious?" While we all think we know what these words mean, a closer look shows that we're not necessarily all saying the same thing when we use the word "spiritual." Hoping to understand what people really mean when they use the word spiritual, IBCSR researchers are teaming up with a leading sociologist of religion at Boston University, Nancy Ammerman, to develop a research survey that will identify people's own understanding of what it means to be spiritual. This project is called the Dimensions of Spirituality Project to reflect the multifaceted nature of the concept of spirituality as it's used in everyday life. With this project, we're working to advance our understanding of one of the most notoriously vague categories in the study of religion by bringing it right down to earth. The video below explains how.